Student Teaching Scholarship

The Student Teaching Scholarship Model consists of 8-15 college credits to be completed in one semester. The purpose of this model is to meet the needs of teachers, directors, and owners who only have 1 semester of Student Teaching remaining for their degree. Student teaching can be completed at any of the four-year colleges listed in the College Directory.

The Student Teaching Scholarship is not the only scholarship model that supports courses in early childhood and early childhood special education for a Bachelor’s Degree. If you have more than 2 semesters remaining to earn your Bachelor’s degree or have more than 3 semesters remaining to earn your Bachelor’s degree, a Pre-Certification Scholarship or a Bachelor Degree Scholarship might be a good fit for you. Review these options and call or email us if you are uncertain about which to select.

We prefer that you complete all general education courses at a two-year college prior to moving to your early childhood coursework at a four-year college. However, if you prefer to take all of your courses at a four-year college, please let your scholarship counselor know. A Student Teaching Scholarship can not be maintained past the one semester necessary to complete student teaching per degree earned.

A Student Teaching Scholarship may best suit your needs if you are:

  • A teacher, director, assistant, aide, or owner
  • Beginning student teaching.

If this is the right option for you, please use the links below to access the appropriate application materials.
Student Teaching Scholarship for Teacher and Director Packets
Student Teaching Scholarship for Family Child Care Owner Packet
Student Teaching Scholarship for Center Owner Packet

If you work in a preschool classroom in a school district, and will be student teaching in the same school district, please contact us for the appropriate application materials.

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